A little while back, you might have heard Comcept head honcho (and Mega Man creator) Keiji Inafune talking about a new game called Yaiba, with many of you going, "So what the hell is Yaiba?!"  Well, today we know.  It's a zombie-ish version of Ninja Gaiden.

In fact, the official name of the game is Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, and during a Team Ninja press conference, Inafune arrived to talk about the game, which features plenty of ninjas and zombies – sometimes even a hybrid of the two.  In the game, the main character, Yaiba, will actually be chasing after a rather familiar game character – Ninja Gaiden's main antagonist, Ryu Hayabusa.

Though the company wouldn't talk about what systems Yaiba is releasing for, but did say it was coming to "consoles" for sure.  The teams are also working closely with Spark Unlimited, the developer behind Medal of Honor (the original games) and the forthcoming Lost Planet 3, to make sure it fits Japanese and Western themes alike.

Look for more info on Yaiba in the months ahead!