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What We’d Like To See In Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo Wii U)

by Prima Games Staff

When it was initially announced last year at Nintendo’s Wii U press conference, the revealing of Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive for the system was quite the bombshell.  The game had initially gained acclaim years ago on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and its shifting to a new console – and only that console, for at least the time being – was a shock.  But that’s pretty much what Nintendo had in mind when it signed on Platinum Games, a company that had also worked on the Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101, to produce the sequel.

Even though it’s still a ways off from release – there’s no given date for its arrival, nor any sort of assurance that it’ll be showcased at this year’s E3 event – we’re dreaming of what changes the team has in store for the gun-toting seductress.  We’ve seen some early production video that’s given us a slight idea of where Platinum is taking the game, but we’ve got some suggestions as to what should be thrown in for good measure.

Here is our official wish list for Bayonetta 2.  And, of course, we’re going to start with the obvious…

More Demon Finishers

One brilliant aspect to the original Bayonetta was her ability to summon her leathery suit into a huge monstrous demon, capable of chewing its way through most enemies with ease.  In part two, we’d like to see its finishing attacks vary a little more, whether it’s wrapping around an enemy and crushing them in two, or flinging them around and eating them in mid-air.  And, for that matter, we’d like to see the return of suggestive nudity on Bayonetta.  Because, what can we say, that was pretty hot in the original…

Additional Weaponry

Another thing we loved about the original Bayonetta, aside from the stylish combos and gun attacks she could produce on her own, was the ability to pick up powerhouse weapons within the game to tear enemies apart, especially these huge blades that could easily turn someone into chop suey.  Part two should consist of more of these, whether they’re double bladed kitanas that could easily cut someone down to size, a diamond-embossed bo staff that she could “stick” foes with, or maybe even a variation of the Shuraba that was such a hit the first time around.  That leads us to…

Weapon Switching via the GamePad

This was a big feature in the previously released Darksiders II, as we found it more convenient to switch out Death’s weapons by tapping icons on a screen, rather than needing to go through a bothersome pause menu.  Bayonetta 2 needs to have a similar system in place, as well as the ability to switch between TV and GamePad display.  Considering most of the company’s first party games have this already, however, this is very likely to happen.

Weirder Types of Enemies

While the original game did a great job holding our attention with ridiculous level design and a lot of wild sequences (like that motorcycle ride near the end – still a blast), we couldn’t help but notice that the enemies kept repeating over the course of the game.  Same old guys here and there, with very little new strategy to offer.  That’s not a heavy complaint, per se, as it was enjoyable ripping them apart.  But for the sequel, Platinum Games should lets its imagination run wild, coming up with everything from possessed, pervy demons to over-the-top swordsmen who aren’t afraid of a fight.  And, hey, why stop on the sexy design?  Throw some bad-ass lady ninjas in there.  Bayonetta could even blow them a kiss before she destroys them.

More balanced vehicle stages

The vehicle stages added quite a bit to the original Bayonetta, including the flying shooter sequence and the riding stages.  But they need a little more balance the second time around, as it’s almost too easy to get into a crash or miss your target, especially on higher difficulty.  Some tweaks here and there – and maybe even a few power-ups for good measure – would really go a long way the second time around.

Frame Rate

This is a big one, because, well, the Wii U isn’t as heavy on the horsepower as the PlayStation 3.  And, let’s be honest, the PS3 version of the original ran into some frame rate issues, which even a patch couldn’t address completely.  Platinum Games needs to take its time with the sequel, even if that means pushing it to a 2014 release, to make sure everything is polished – animations, environments, lighting, everything.  The last thing we need is a sequel that soils the reputation of what we’ve come to know the game for – at least, on the Xbox 360.  It’s ideally perfect on that console.

Also, this would be a good opportunity for the team to show that the Wii U can handle games of this magnitude.  Honestly, if Darksiders II can shine the way it did, so can Bayonetta 2.

Boss Variation, and Balancing of Quick Time Events

The massive bosses in the original Bayonetta were quite impressive, but we preferred some of the smaller fights as well, including the battle with the voluptuous Jeanne.  For its second bout, Platinum Games should think outside the box, not just throwing in mammoth beasts, but also subtle enemies that throw everything but the kitchen sink at you.

For that matter, we also suggest keeping the quick time events for some parts of the boss stages intact for Bayonetta 2, but don’t go too heavy on them.  Remember to keep that fine line between combat and push-button contests right where it needs to be.  That’s how it worked the first time around…so why stray now?

The same level of silly story

Finally, we know that Bayonetta 2 won’t make the greatest sense in the world.  But don’t forget to keep it on that right level of silly.  After all, if Bayonetta wasn’t her old self, it just wouldn’t feel right.

With Platinum Games showing that it hasn’t lost its touch in the action game department (just look at Anarchy Reigns and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance if you don’t believe us), Bayonetta 2 could be on par as the game that really pushes the Wii U forward.  It’ll definitely bring the sexy when it eventually releases…

Meanwhile, what do you think needs to be added to the game?

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