We've seen a lot of terrific Lego games over the years, including Lego Star Wars, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes.  It's hard not wonder what TT Games could do with other franchises and YouTube user by the name of Brian Anderson has an idea that involves AMC's Breaking Bad.

This crafty animator has put together a humorous video that shows what a Lego Breaking Bad game would've looked like, with characters and levels taken straight from the show.  It's actually quite fun to watch and very true to the nature of TT Games' efforts while retaining that Walter White touch.

We'll never see a game like this but it's still quite fun to watch.  Check it out here and get ready for the show's return this July.  (Warning: there are mild spoilers for Breaking Bad's Season 4 if you haven't watched it yet.)