Ready for today’s nifty art project for the day? No, it’s not a sloppy use of finger painting or even something along the lines of a second-rate Van Gogh. Instead, it’s a guy who decided to render bits and pieces of a classic shooter in a new light – one powered by CryEngine 3.


Artist Scott Homer has been working at Crytek U.K. for some time, but just because he’s working on games doesn’t mean he can’t make time to dabble... and he certainly has, as you can see above. He’s taken the classic 2K Games shooter BioShock and re-rendered bits and pieces of it using the company’s new technology and the results are simply stunning, with more available for viewing over at his online portfolio. (Link:


And it kind of makes you wonder…is there room for a remake using new technology? Granted, it would probably take time and money, but it’d be worth it, right? With BioShock Infinite around the corner, clearly interest in the series hasn’t faded.


We’ll see what else Homer works on in the months ahead. He may be onto something here…