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Weta Workshop Builds Life-Size Portal Turret For Valve

by Prima Games Staff


Even a year and a half after its release, Portal 2 resonates with many memorable moments and items, like the Space robot (SPAAAAAAACE!) and the talking Portal turrets.  (“Are you still there?”)  Valve, the creators of the game, aren’t resting on their laurels with the franchise, as the company recently asked Weta Workshop to produce a special life-size turret from the game.

The Weta Workshop is a “multi-award winning conceptual design and physical manufacturing facility servicing the world’s entertainment and creative industries.”  And they’ve proven how cool they can build stuff before with a Team Fortress 2 engineer turret.  But after seeing this new Portal 2 turret, chances are you’ll feel this is their best work to date.

Watch the video here and prepare to be amazed.  Oh, and, um, Valve, if you feel the need to sell us one dirt cheap, we could use it around the office…