Pay-what-you-want website is launched to support the indie developers (and charity)

What’s not to love about paying what you want for quality games? Every four days, newly launched website, IndieGamestand, will be showcasing an indie title game and you can purchase at it whatever price takes your fancy.

10 per cent of the sale will be generously donated to charities, which include Child’s Play, EFF and more.

SpaceChem, by Zachtronics Industries, currently has just over 12 hours remaining for you to make a purchase before the next game makes an appearance. So far, the average price paid is just $1.86 for SpaceChem, with 1251 purchased made in total.

As an incentive, if you pay at least $1, you will get keys to unlock the game on Steam, Desura and However, pay the full $10 recommended price and you will get a three game bundle containing the previous game and also the next game offered on the site.