A Way Out – Chapter 2: Fugitives

Flee from the police and take a ride down the river in the second part of our A Way Out walkthrough.

Now that you’re free from the confines of the prison, it’s time for Vincent and Leo to move on to the second chapter of their journey. This article provides a walkthrough of A Way Out chapter 2, Fugitives. During chapter 2 you’ll need to run from the police, hide from the guards, and find a means of escaping the immediate area outside the prison. You’ll also get your first taste of A Way Out’s split decision system, which offers two different ways to approach different situations. This guide will provide a full walkthrough for the second chapter of A Way Out, so let’s dive in.

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On the Run

With the prison behind you, the second chapter thrusts you right into the action. On the run, Vincent and Leo need to escape through the woods, all while avoiding the light of a police helicopter. Move along the path until you reach a wall that you can climb up. From here you should come to a large open area that is filled with cops. To sneak past these guys, stick in the tall grass so that you can avoid being spotted by the cops. This will allow you to either sneak past the cops, or even take them down one at a time without getting spotted.

Once you reach the end of this section, Leo and Vincent will need to approach and take out two guards at the same time in order to avoid being detected by the enemies around them. Keep close to the ground and move forward, making sure to avoid the group of police talking about Johnson. Move past the next guard—or take it down—and then progress until you rough a corner and spot a bridge off in the distance. There are two more guards to take down here, so take them down and then scale the wall ahead to reach the bridge.

Bridge Crossing

This is where you’ll first encounter the split decision system that makes A Way Out so unique. From here you’ll have two options, you can either take Vincent’s way, which is slower, more methodical, and smarter. Or you can rush and take Leo’s way, which is much more hectic and chaotic. Choose to either take Leo’s way and steal a police car to cross the bridge, or choose Vincent’s way and move under the bridge to stay undetected.

Choosing Leo’s way here will task you with knocking out some officers nearby and stealing their car. Once you get into the car, one of you will take the wheel, while the other will climb in the back seat. To start driving, follow the prompts on the screen and avoid the guards as you weave through various vehicles along the way.

Eventually you’ll come to the end, where you’ll need to crash the car into another set of cars. When this happens, get ready to haul tail and run, as Vincent and Leo are going to need to escape from two police dogs that chase after them. Head into the woods, making sure to jump over trees and whatever else in order to get to the other side of the ravine. Whichever player makes it there first will need to get in place to catch the other.

If you want to take things slower, head through the chain-linked fence and down the maintenance route that leads below the bridge. From here you will need to slink around the side of the bridge and make a jump across the gap that you find there. From here, shimmy over the pipes and walk along the gangplank until you can crouch beside the wall to keep the police helicopter from seeing you.

Once the helicopter moves on, climb beyond the tank canisters until the walkway collapses. When this happens, double back down to the energy board and use the monkey bar set to move across the gap, giving you the option to kick open a door near the walkway’s collapsed area. The first player across here will need to catch the other.

Finally, head outside of the bridge and move across the area until you hear the police. Stand still when this happens and wait for them to stop talking. If you try to move too soon, the cops will hear you.

Now you need to work together to cross a set of thin pipes and make it to the other side of the bridge. When you reach the other side, turn to the left and grab the fire axe to break the lock on a door nearby. Head through the door and into the room beyond. You should see a guard patrolling the area up above you. You’ll need to boost one person up and take down the guard. When the guard is down, the second player—still on the lower level—needs to move across the ledge below the other to reach another officer with a gun.

From here it’s time to book it and start sprinting from another pack of police dogs. Jump over trees and any other obstacles that you find until you reach a ravine. The first player across will need to catch the other as they jump over.


After the last intense portion of the chapter, players get a little bit of a breather. Move through the forest and listen to any dialogue that plays here until you reach a path that leads down to a campsite.

Your next task here is to catch yourself some fish. Escaping from prison is hard work, and Vincent and Leo have worked up an appetite. Look through the campsite to find yourself a knife stuck into a piece of wood and grab the knife and use it to fashion yourself a spear—one for each of our escapees. The easiest way to catch a fish is to guide the fish to the player trying to catch it. This can be done by having one player splash and push the fish towards the other. You can also both hunt for fish, using your spears at the same time, but it may take longer.

Once you’ve caught the fish, put down the spear and search the area for some firewood. There are a ton of twigs nearby, take them to the campsite and then interact with the fireplace to light up the fire. Once this is done, grab your spears and sit on the logs to cook the fish.

The Farmstead

After Vincent and Leo have eaten, it’s time to move on. Keep progressing through the wilderness until you reach a small farm. There are two ways to go about this area, we’ve broken them down below.

The first way that you can complete this section is to release the horses. This is the smartest play, and to do it you’ll need to grab the ladder leaning next to the tree and then place it by the barn hatch, giving you access to the barn. Climb inside and them open up the barn door.

With the barn door open, release the horses from their pens, and then find something to scare them. The easiest way to scare them is to use the cement mixer in the back of the barn. This will scare the horses, forcing them outside. This will cause the old couple inside the house to run out and chase after them.

The second way is much riskier. Sneak up to the house and tie up the old couple. You’ll need one person to sneak into the building by climbing up the vine lattice on the side of the house. Once they reach the top floor, have the other person climb into the window in the kitchen.

The player upstairs needs to make some noise—by breaking a picture of vase. This will scare the old couple, forcing them into action. The old lady will try to make it to the phone, where she’ll call the police. Grab her and subdue her. Meanwhile, the old man will start to get his shotgun ready. At this point the player upstairs should head down and grab him. With both of them tied up, it’s time to continue.

Head to the second floor of the house and into the bedroom. Change your clothes at the walk-in wardrove and then explore the house to see all that it has to offer. When you are ready to go, head outside and to the right to find the garage. The old couple’s truck will be inside.

Open the garage and look at the truck inside. It’s an old beater, so you’ll need to do a little work to get things moving forward. Find the metal rod, tire, and car wrench by looking through the garage. The pinch bar can also be found off to the side of the garage, so grab it and then place it at the rear of the truck.

Now you need to move behind the truck to the workbench. Here you’ll find the lug wrench, which you need to reattach the tire. Drop it by the truck and then head back into the house and upstairs. There’s a hook that one player will need to grab here. While they are holding onto it, the other player needs to pull the cable and get them across, giving them access to the balcony, where they will find the tire. Throw it down and then jump down.

Place the wheel on the truck and use the lug wrench to attach it. Now use the pinch bar to lift the truck up and have the other person remove the chock. With the wheel replaced, push the truck out of the garage.

The last thing left to do is find some gas and fuel up the truck. The gas can be found inside of the shed. Grab the gas can and then fill the truck up with it. With the truck gassed up, it’s time to charge the battery. Find the jumper leads nearby, pop the hood on the truck, and then attach the leads to start the truck up and leave the farm.

The Getaway

With the truck fixed, put the gas down and make your escape. One player will need to drive, while the other prepares to shoot at any cops that come chasing after you. This part of the game can be very intense, so we’d suggest putting each player in their strongest areas. There’s also a semi-trailer truck to look out for, so floor it and shoot down anything that gets in your way.

River Run

The chase doesn’t end here, though. After a short chase in the truck you’ll find yourself on foot again. This time around you need to get to a rowboat down on the river. This part requires a ton of coordination to row, so make sure you both work together or you’ll end up stuck here for a bit. Avoid the rocks in the river and make it downstream to the end, where Vincent will need to climb out of the boat and help Leo up. With both of the prisoners on land, chapter two of A Way Out draws to a conclusion. You can continue on to Chapter 3: Preparation for even more walkthrough content to help you beat the game.

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