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Watch First 15 Minutes of Rage 2 Here

by Liana Ruppert

Rage 2 officially makes its debut tomorrow, which means 24 hours for fans to make a last-minute pre-order decision in order to get that glorious BFG. For those gamers still on the fence, we’ve got the first 15 minutes of gameplay right here for you to enjoy, in addition to our full review here

For those interested, an inside look at “the Authority” can be seen above as well as how satisfying the gameplay mechanics truly are. In our review, that was one aspect that we couldn’t have enjoyed more. “When looking at combat specifically, Rage 2 is probably one of the best in terms of recent releases,” reads our full review.

“The interchange between standard combat and weaponry is flawless and the special abilities made taking on this dangerous world enticing and rewarding. From its futuristic guns, to the BFG, there is a balanced variety of what players have to take on the open-world with. Plus, it made me favor a shotgun – which is usually not my go-to weapon type – so that was a pretty big win there because it challenges the player to enjoy playstyles outside of their usual comfort zone.”

Our gameplay footage also shows off what the worldscape has to offer, and what some of the lower-level enemies are like for those just starting their Rage 2 journey. It’s explosive, it’s loud, and it’s a very fun shooter that promises an enjoyable ride, even if it does have a slow start to begin with. 

Rage 2 launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 14th! You can check out our full review here, with a small blurb below: 

“Overall, Rage 2 was fun! It was campy, it was ridiculous at times, and it was absolutely on brand. I wish the studio would have invested a little more heavily in the world building aspect because there was a lot of potential, though the teams did reveal a Road Map that shows a lot more content on the way that could help make this feel a little more lustrous.”

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