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Warzone Subway System Outlined & Explained Ahead of Season Six Launch

by Jesse Vitelli

We’re about the enter the sixth season of content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It feels like ages ago that this game launched, but it’s only been 11 months, which seems wild.

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The most significant change to Warzone is the introduction of a subway system. This will be the fastest way to get around Verdansk. The Call of Duty Website has outlined what players can expect when Season Six launches. 


“At the start of every Warzone match, the Metro will have a number of open stations to explore. All of them have the same layout, thanks to the massive urban planning initiative Verdansk underwent when these were first constructed.

From the ground level, head down a large staircase set and hop past a set of turnstiles to reach the first landing. Here, a set of archways and a tiled wall breaks up an otherwise open space that leads to an inaccessible ticket office. 

Once down at this landing, turn left or right to find a staircase down to the station’s platform, where old posters are plastered onto the walls along with a handy graphic that marks what station an operator is currently at.”

The train will not move if there is any conflict nearby, so you may have to battle your way onto the train. Once all fighting has ceased around the train, it will then begin to take you to the next location on the map.

The train will also not stop at any station that is currently inside the storm, so you don’t have to worry about being brought to your demise.

Watch the gap when you board or exit the train because you’ll be electrocuted if you step on the tracks. Your squad will most certainly have a tough time trying to get you. We don’t want anyone getting yelled at in voice chat for not knowing better.

Of course, at the beginning of the season, these are sure to be hotspots, so keep your head on a swivel or face a good old-fashioned trip to the Gulag.

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