Batman has left quite a mark in video games as of late, thanks to not one but two fantastic games from WB Games and Rocksteady Studios – Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.  But it appears that we haven’t seen the last of the Dark Knight.  Not by a long shot.

WB has registered a series of new Arkham-related domain names recently, which could not only point to a possible new game in the series, but also maybe even a movie, now that Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy is concluded.

The domain names are as follows, and pay attention – one of these is bound to become an official project soon… (Arkham Universe) (Batman Arkham Universe) (Batman Arkham Arises) (Batman Arkham Begins) (Batman Arkham Dark Knight) (Batman Arkham Knight) (Batman Arkham Legend) (Batman Arkham Legends) (Batman Arkham Night) (Batman Arkham Origins) (Batman Arkham Stories) (Dark Knight Arkham) (DC Arkham Universe) (DC Arkhamverse) (The Arkham Universe)

We'll have more information once Warner Bros. announces something official…