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Warlock Exotic Gauntlets Necrotic Grip Disabled Moments Before New Destiny 2 Raid Releases

Another one.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’re a Destiny 2 player, you understand the importance of synergy between your weapons and armor. Exotic armor offers unique ways to create chains together to create something truly special. However, sometimes these things are incredibly broken, and the community takes as much advantage of them as possible. With the World’s First race for the new Lightfall Raid The Root of Nightmares here, Bungie had to disable a pretty powerful Warlock Exotic just minutes before the raid went live.

Warlock Exotic Gauntlets Necrotic Grip Disabled Moments Before New Destiny 2 Raid Releases

The Necrotic Grip is a Warlock gauntlet piece that is obtained from Legendary Lost Sectors. Many players were grinding heavily for them prior to the release of The Root of Nightmares.

The gauntlets in question offer the perk Grasp of Devour, which increases the damage over time done by melee attacks. IF you defeat an enemy triggered by this effect, the corruption damage will spread to nearby targets.

It’s a pretty powerful exotic and was a crucial part of many Warlock Void builds. However, the reason it was disabled was because of the way it had been interacting with the Warlock Glaive weapon Edge of Intent.

Edge of Intent generated energy for every tick of damage over time that Necrotic Grip was doing. Thus allowing players to spam Restorative Turrets, which constantly heal you and your team. You don’t even have actually to use the Glaive to do damage; just having it out was causing this to work.

Players were figuring out how to manipulate this in various ways. While not really an exploit, it was enough of a problem that Bungie announced mere moments before the raid that Necrotic Grip would be disabled for the Raid. It is unclear if it will be unlocked after Contest Mode is over, as Bungie has not given additional information at this time.

This isn’t the only thing Bungie has disabled to try and keep things fair for the race. Their weekly column, This Week at Bungie, listed the following items that would be barred from entry.


  • Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun
  • Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher 
  • Winterbite Exotic Glaive 
  • J├Âtunn Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Hierarchy of Needs Exotic Bow

Armor and Mods 

  • Citan’s Ramparts Titan Exotic Gauntlets 
  • Thread of Ascent Strand Fragment (will also be disabled across the entire game)
  • Empowered Finish Armor Mod

Bungie has had a few different fires to put out since the launch of Lightfall this week, but the team is working on fixing what they can to ensure a fair race for all involved.

Jesse Vitelli

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