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Warframe Reveals Empyrean Expansion At E3 2019

by John Cooper

The PC Gaming E3 show this year is chock full of good stuff so far. With a huge wave of incredible titles and reveals it’s never been a more exciting time to play games on your PC. Well, it’s about to get even more intense if you happen to be a Warframe player thanks to the upcoming expansion Empyrean. 

The expansion was code-named Railjack but the proper name sounds a lot fancier and it fits a bit better too. It’s an ambitious expansion designed to unify the many worlds of the game into a more cohesive experience. Whether or not they manage it is a different thing entirely, but you have to respect the commitment. 

The trailer showed off some ship-based combat, movement, and even some solid space sailing. The expansions in Warframe are usually incredibly impressive and it looks as though Empyrean will be no different. Even though this was jjust a brief glimpse, it still showed off some exciting features.

This is only a teaser though, the full reveal will be coming via TennoCon 2019. This is the annual Warframe conference that is held in July, one for the most hardcore of the Warframe fanbase. These kinds of events really help bring together the communities around these long-running games and they’re incredible to be a part of. If you tune into the TennoLive reveal on July 6th you can even get a special Warframe for yourself. 

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