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Warframe Devs Reveal Gameplay of Soulslike MMO

Will this be the Elden Ring MMO we've been waiting for?

by Daphne Fama

First announced by Warframe developers in July 2022, Soulframe has just revealed gameplay of its alpha build. And while the gameplay is still very much in development, it’s likely fans of the Dark Soul series will be excited.

Warframe Devs Reveal Prototype Gameplay of Soulslike MMO

In a Devstream earlier this week, we received our first look at Soulframe’s combat, which featured third-person perspective and distinctive enemies that mixed medieval with fantasy. Each encounter was approached with caution and strategy in mind, and was marked with fluid dodges and parries. The gameplay footage showcased both swordplay and magic, which will likely see further refinement over time.

Despite the gameplay being part of the development build, it’s hard not to be taken with the smooth combat and the movement of both enemy and player clothes.  

On the Devstream, the developers noted that, “This is an internal combat prototype. It has lots of stolen assets from Warframe, lots of janky stuff. This is not intended to be a traditional publisher saying ‘worldwide reveal’. This is just us making bad decisions, showing you our process … showing you behind the curtains.”

Soulframe Prototype begins at 50:00

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It’ll be interesting to see how Soulframe handles multiple players in one area and balancing the challenge these enemies are meant to provide.

The cinematic trailer for Soulframe was released seven months ago, which prominently featured a series of distinctly magical animals and a man with a prosthetic arm. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see what role these giant magical animals will play in the game.

If you’re interested in seeing more combat, you can expect to see more gameplay at this year’s TennoCon, which takes place on August 26, 2023.

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