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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – Exploring the Dixon brothers

by Prima Games Staff

The Walking Dead television series is a hybrid of the critically acclaimed comic book series and original ideas. Series creator Robert Kirkman and the amazing writing staff have crafted a story that satisfies fans while still appealing to new comers of the franchise. While paying respect to the source material, the series has also created two original characters that soon became fan favorites.

Daryl and Merle Dixon are original creations for the television series. In fact, the two characters are so popular, they were selected for the main characters in The Walking Dead Survival Instinct video game.

Dixon Debut

The Dixons made their debut in the Walking Dead television series. Originally portrayed as two backwater racist rednecks, the two quickly became two characters that the fans love to hate. Early on in the series, we meet Merle as a member of Shane’s group in Atlanta.

To avoid spoilers for anyone who has not seen the most popular show on television, Merle is forcibly separated from the group and left for dead. As many fans rejoiced at the thought of Merle getting what he deserved, there was someone else who was not happy.

Once the group returns to the camp without Merle, Daryl is livid. It is apparent that while Daryl and Merle did not get along, there was still a powerful bond that had been severed. Survival Instincts gives you the opportunity to explore this bond. The game follows the brothers shortly after their father died and before they join the group in Atlanta. It is the story and events in this game that explains the relationship that the Dixons have in the television show.

Family Reunion

No matter what comes between them, the Dixon Brothers have the ability to always find each other. During the television series, the Dixons are separated early in the series. While Daryl initially goes back to look for his brother and then begins to mourn his loss, he soon breaks out of his stereotype and becomes a true member of the group. Daryl becomes Rick’s right hand man. He often displays that he is the opposite of his brother and is only focused on being loyal to his new family of survivors.

In Survival Instinct, Daryl showcases the differences between him and his brother early in the game. Daryl begins the game helping a person in need even before he sets out to find his brother. Throughout the game, Daryl serves as the moral conscience of the experience, and Merle is the devil on his shoulder. Merle is only interested in advancing his own motivations. He only helps others when there is something in it for him. The only redeeming quality that Merle has is his love for his brother.

The Road To Atlanta

In the Walking Dead, we meet the Dixon brothers after they have already made there way to Atlanta and became members of Shane’s group of survivors. Shades of the Dixons past have been hinted at throughout the course of the series. During Season 3 we learn that his father abused the Daryl and that the violence only increased after Merle left the family. We also learn that the original plan the Dixons had when meeting Shane’s group was to rob them blind. The game tells the Dixons story of them arriving to Atlanta.

While Survival instincts does not paint a intimate or revealing portrait of the brothers Dixon, we still have the opportunity to peel back the curtain on their dynamics before Atlanta. The road to Atlanta for the Dixons is one paved with the entrails of human corpses.

The brothers meet many different survivors on their way to Atlanta. Their interactions with the people they meet provide introspective into their behavior on the show. Daryl always seems to willing to help while Merle is only concerned with the survival of himself and his brother.

Survival Instinct shows us an early version of the Dixon brothers. The game showcases the dichotomy between Daryl’s moral ambitions and Merle’s devilish tendencies. We gain more information on the history of these two interesting characters while experiencing their road to Atlanta.

With the characters being portrayed so well on the show, Survial Insticint proves the perfect place to find understanding and to experience the relationships of the Dixon brothers.

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