The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners game is now available on PSVR, meaning even more VR fans can get in on the brutal action that pays homage to a beloved franchise while also offering something unique and special all on its own. For those looking for an incredible horror VR experience, we can't recommend this enough and now PlayStation players can get in on the action. 

If you're a fan of the DOOM franchise, a lot of the mechanics feel similar to that in a way that it moves, it feels, and its visceral nature. Saints & Sinners works expertly with different gun mechanics as well, allowing players to tamper with their loadouts and explore their perfected combat style. 

Since this game is in VR, the combat is insanely realistic and gives The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners game an edge that a lot of games miss when trying to capture the magic of Walking Dead fan loyalty. This game is meant to be immersive, this isn't a VR experience to just sit on the couch and half-care about what's going on. Once you're in the game, you are in it, and it's intense and an experience that makes its mark definitively in 2020's VR lineup. 

While some of the mechanics feel similar to DOOM, the executioner-style headshots scream Mortal Kombat. This game can get brutal and seeing that up close in person thanks to VR is unreal. Saints & Sinners is the perfect blend of combat, prowess, and a storyline that keeps players engaged and now it's more accessible than ever before thanks to its PSVR arrival.

Another feature about this game I really enjoy personally is that it doesn't force anyone to play a certain way. You can tailor the combat and approach to various scenarios how you want, truly putting the power in the player's hands, which is a feature a lot of VR games tend to miss out on. This is a player's game through and through and is perfect for both die-hard Walking Dead fans and newcomers just looking for a solid VR experience where zombie heads just casually explode. You know, like a normal Wednesday. 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game is now available on PC and PSVR. You can learn more about the title with our game hub here to learn more before diving in for yourself! 

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