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Wal-Mart Reveals Black Friday Deals

by Prima Games Staff

As part of its “ramping up” for the annual Black Friday sales that are coming up the day after Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart has revealed its video game specials through its recent advertisement, and there’s a lot to get happy about here.

You’ll be able to grab a special Infamous PlayStation 3 bundle – complete with a dual Uncharted game pack – for $199, as well as Dual Shock 3 controllers for $20 off, at $39.99 each.

If you prefer Nintendo, you can snag a DSi XL handheld for $100 or a new Wii for $89.

On the games front, Skylanders Giants can be yours for $38.96, and other games, like Epic Mickey 2, Modern Warfare 3 and NBA 2K13, will be discounted to $24.99 each.  Other games like Dance Central 3, Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops: the Line can be yours for $10 a pop.

But perhaps the most confusing offer of all is the uDraw tablet, which can be yours on the Wii for $10.  It’s a decent tablet, but the way Wal-Mart words it in the ad, it almost sounds like it’s an add-on for Nintendo’s WiiU game console.  They might consider changing that.

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