Sega has announced a release date for its downloadable brawler Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, first unveiled last fall at PAX Prime.  The game has since moved on to become a high profile addition to the company’s digital line-up and is due for release on June 5th for PlayStation Network, and on the 6th for Xbox Live Arcade.  The price is set to be 1200 Microsoft points, or $14.99.

In addition, if you just have to have everything in terms of outfits and such, Sega will also be offering supplementary costume packs, with over 600 to 950 items available to dress up your characters in.  That’s a whole lot of clothes, and each individual pack will be available for 400 Microsoft points, or $5.  

If you just want everything (and have a LOT of time on your hands), you can buy two bundle packs containing all the character items for 1200 Microsoft points, or $15, each.