In a matter of days, San Diego Comic-Con 2012 will kick off, with thousands upon thousands of attendees, nerds and cosplayers roaming through the halls, attending superstar panels and buying stuff to their heart’s content.  Prima Games will be on hand to cover the event in terms of video games, in which there will be plenty.  And not just comic book-oriented stuff either, as Sony, Microsoft and other companies will bring their AAA projects out in spades.

With that, we’ve got a handy little guide of what games to keep an eye out for at the event, whether they’re quick reveals or special titles you shouldn’t miss.  Consider this your one-stop guide for things you need to see…

Fortnite Revealed – Epic Games’ panel, which opens up the panel schedule Thursday starting at 11:45 in room 6A, will reveal their latest project, a strategy/action game that’s far different from their Gears of War trilogy.  Expect Cliff Bleszinski and his team members to walk you through the early aspects of the game, with moderator Jessica Chobot leading the charge.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – This game had a HUGE showing at E3 a while back, but Comic-Con will be an even bigger one, with more character reveals and, for the first time, a playable build, so attendees can see just what Netherrealm Studios has in mind for the game.  You can find them at the WB booth, along with Lego Lord of the Rings and the upcoming MOBA game.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary – Street Fighter is kind of a big deal, and on Thursday around 1:00, in room 68CF, you can take part in Capcom’s party event for the special edition, coming September 18.  The package will feature Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter x Tekken and other goodies.  Expect some surprises and a trivia contest, hosted by producer Yoshinori Ono.  We’re there!

The Most Dangerous Women At Comic-Con – Though not entirely game related, there are game-oriented people who will be at this event, making it more than sufficient enough to attend.  Respawn Entertainment’s Abbie Heppe, Namco Bandai gaming goddess Adrianne Curry and nerd-at-heart Jenna Busch will chat up a storm, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss.

Beyond: Two Souls panel – From 12 PM to 1 PM on Thursday, you can listen to Quantic Dream’s writer/director David Cage talk about his latest project, while also showing you more gameplay aspects that will make it even better than anything you might’ve seen from Heavy Rain.  For good measure, Academy Award winning actress Ellen Page, the star of the game, will also be there.

The Last of Us panel – Who doesn’t love Naughty Dog?  On Friday, from 5:00-6:00 PM in room 25ABC, you can check out their latest work on The Last of Us, a harrowing yet thrilling survival tale where two wanderers fight the odds to stay alive.  Expect voice actors and members of the production team at the panel, talking about the potential 2013 release.  We can’t wait to see more of this.

Sonic Boom – Though it’s not really under the roof of the convention center, Sonic Boom, Sega’s yearly tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog, will be a party just waiting to happen at the House of Blues on Friday night, from 5-10 PM.  Several guests will be in attendance, including Crush 40, who will provide rockin’ tunes.  Don’t be surprised if those awesome hedgehog hats make a return as well.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron panel – Kick things off right Saturday morning with the Transformers panel, which will take place in room 7 AB.  Director Dave Tieger will talk about the game’s single player and multiplayer modes, while voice talent Nolan North, Peter Cullen and Gregg Berger will also talk about their respective roles in the sequel.  It’s more than meets the eye!

Lost Planet 3 and DMC Panel – Capcom’s coming out in spades for San Diego Comic-Con, and two of their bigger 2013 sequels will be the primary focus on this panel.  Several development team members behind both games should discuss what’s going into each game, and you’ll see new footage and goodies as well.  Head to Room 24ABC around 12:30 on Saturday and indulge.

Marvel Video Games Panel – The world of Marvel video games is expanding quite a bit faster than you might think, and this panel, taking place on Saturday from 1:45 to 2:45 PM in room 6A, will tell you all about it.  Gazillion will talk more about its upcoming Marvel MMO; Ubisoft will have The Avengers: Battle For Earth; and Activision and High Moon Studios will reveal their latest Marvel project.

Gears of War: Past, Present and Future – Want to know what was going through the heads of the staff at Epic Games for Gears of War?  Or maybe you just want some more info on Judgment?  Hit this panel, happening Friday from 2:00-3:00 PM in room 6BCF, and you’ll have plenty to soak in.  A Q & A session will also take place, so you can ask if Baird really does get the chicks.

Halo 4: A New Campaign and Halo Infinity Multiplayer – On Saturday, from 3:15-4:15 in room 6DE, you can chat with the folks at 343 Industries, including producer Frank O’Connor and Kiki Wolfkill, about the upcoming sequel.  Expect plenty of awesome reveals, in-game action, and development stories on the upcoming sequel – and maybe even an appearance by Master Chief.  (Maybe.)

Mass Effect Panel – So you think the story behind Mass Effect 3 is wrapped up because of the release of the Extended Cut?  Think again.  This panel, happening Saturday from 5:00-6:00 PM in room 25ABC, will discuss not only the story behind the series in general, but tidbits about upcoming downloadable content.  Plus, Jessica Merizan, beloved community manager, will be there.  Win!

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Panel – Sony’s take on Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series is looking better each time we see it, and this panel will be a must for fans.  Taking place in room 24 ABC on Sunday at 11:00 AM, this showcase will feature two new character reveals, as well as various members of the SuperBot development team, talking about the highly anticipated multiplatform fighter.

Prima Games Exclusive Goodies – Finally, it wouldn’t be Comic-Con without some love from Prima, now would it?  Of course not.  Stop by the booth (located at #1514) and enjoy some giveaways, including a Tyler Stout Sleeping Dogs Variant Screenprint and a cool Darksiders II art book, as well as a yet-to-be-revealed goodie featuring Death.  And while you’re there, check out the awesome new Darksiders II demo, which we’ve left impressions of in our News section.

Got it?  Good.  We’ll see you at the show!