Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Reveals First Look At Thinbloods and New Abilities

Learn more about the Thinbloods and their lore in a new video from Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Paradox Interactive gave Vampire Masquerade fans exactly what they were wanting when they unveiled Bloodlines 2 earlier this year, now we’re getting a closer look at the upcoming game’s lore and new abilities. With a brand new video detailing the Thinbloods, we’ve got brand new insight into what the upcoming adventure will have to offer fans both new and old. 

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When players begin their Bloodlines 2 journey, they start out as a Thinblood vampire. This is a vampire type that is seen as weaker than other Kindred and because of that, they are oftentimes passed over and looked down upon as second-class citizens. 

At the beginning of the game, players will be able to choose between three Thinbloods disciplines, which are special abilities that will impact combat and how the player interacts with the world. The three disciplines are: 

Chiropteran – Strong affinity for bats, allowing vampires to move through the air and summon swarms.

  • Glide — first active power. Glide greatly lowers the weight of the vampire’s skeleton and muscle mass to allow them to briefly float, reaching otherwise inaccessible areas, swoop down on NPCs to knock them down, or rain down other Disciplines from afar.
  • Bat Swarm — second active power. The vampire can summon a small swarm of bats to attack a target NPC, temporarily disabling them and dealing low damage. This power can be upgraded until a true Maelstrom of leathery wings surrounds the vampire, harrying and damaging those who come too close.

Mentalism – Use telekinesis to manipulate objects and even pull weapons from enemy hands.

  • Pull — first active power. Manipulate inanimate objects using telekinesis, even weapons held by NPCs.
  • Levitate — second active power. Suspends a living NPC in the air. Its strength can be enhanced until the vampire can levitate everyone and everything in an area, and throw suspended enemies around like ragdolls.

Nebulation – Allows the vampire to summon and command mist.

  • Mist Shroud — first active power. Summon a shroud of mist that surrounds the player for a short period. The shroud muffles the sound of footsteps and reduces the range at which the player can be seen. In addition, the player may partially transform into a cloud of mist to perform a choking attack on an NPC or travel through a tight space, like a ventilation fan or duct.
  • Envelop — second active power. Create a stationary, swirling cloud of mist on a target that surrounds, blinds and forcefully enters the lungs of NPCs that it touches.

Interested in learning even more? You can check out the latest blog post from the studio right here to learn about the new clans. 

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