Paradox Interactive continues to share more and more about their highly anticipated sequel to Vampire: Masquerade - Bloodlines and the latest feature is all about the tech-savvy Camarilla. From their abilities, to how they fit into the overall structure of the game's society, the latest video dives deep into yet another clan seen in Bloodlines 2. 

According to Paradox, "The Kindred factions of Seattle are groups of vampires with their own motives and goals, vying for control of the city. Some are upstats, some have long, storied histories, and whichever wrests control from the others will hold the future of the Emerald City in their hand.

"Seattle is host to an incredibly lucrative technology industry and business community, and the Camarilla have certainly benefited from this. Lead by Prince Cross, over the last 20 years this faction has helped to foster this community and drive the financial success of the city into the 21st century. Deeply ingrained into Seattle’s business community, the Camarilla count among their numbers CEOs, software moguls, bankers, venture capitalists, politicians and other members of society’s elite. This is a Kindred faction that doesn’t just influence the city from dark, street-level alleys, but also from the board rooms crowning skyscrapers up above."

This high level of control is partly thanks to Prince Cross' just rule and affinity for business. The Prince also knows how to keep the balance by never giving away too much power to the different clans. Because of this, peace between the Camarilla and the Prince is absolutely crucial.

As for how this clan plays:

  • Power Players  - Very few cities boast a vampire elite as wealthy as Seattle. In these refined circles, your true worth shows in how you much control your money has bought you.

  • The Ivory Tower – Seattle’s Camarilla is caught up in a vicious political dance the likes of which is rarely found outside the Fortune 500: The words of your superiors are law; the wants of your subordinates are dust; and every move of your peers must be observed for threats, or signs of weakness.

  • The Long Game – After 20 years at the top, every member of Cross’ faction is still very aware of being the city’s biggest target. So far, they’ve managed by doing anything to stay one step ahead, by exercising caution where it’s warranted, and by never tolerating mistakes among themselves. 

We don't have a release date at this time, though hopefully we'll get something a little more concrete in the coming months!