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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 First Look At The Brujah, a Full-Blood Clan

by Liana Ruppert

Paradox Interactive made Vampire Masquerade – Bloodlines fans go wild when they announced the highly anticipated sequel earlier this year and since then, the team has been dropping tid-bits of information to keep those hype levels rising. We’ve previously learned about the Thinblood clan, now we’ve got our first look at the full-blood clan: the Brujah! 

Thanks to a recent inside look from Paradox Interactive, we know how truly rebellious the Bruja clan is. Though players will begin as a Thinblood, they can later join different clans – including this one. Apparently, this band of misfits has a taste for anarchy, and don’t do well when it comes to any sort of infrastructure or authority. 

Though their numbers aren’t impressive, they are strong and are a force that will clash with the established vampire presence in Seattle. 

In addition to a small look at what the Brujah have to offer the game, we’ve also got our first look at the powers that they possess: 


You’re big, you’re tough and your muscles have muscles.

Fist of Caine gives you a punch even the big daddy of the vamps would be proud of. Knock down walls and throw people far. It’s upgradeable, too. 

Beat up the ground with Earthshock, creating a shockwave and knocking down anyone that gets too close. Upgrading it will send out fissures that damage everyone nearby. 


You’re the speedster of the vampire world.

Unseen Storm lets you dash in any direction so quickly that, to anyone looking, you disappear, giving you the chance to make a quick attack, reposition yourself and dodge attacks. It helps if you want to run away, too, and it can be upgraded.

With Accelerate, the world slows down around you, letting pull off fancy stunts and even avoid bullets. You can enhance it with an upgrade, too. You’ll be wanting to grab some shades and a leather coat, obviously. 

But just because this clan doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t mean they don’t fit in the Masquerade and they do have at least some structure when it comes to their operations. Though not tight, the leadership is definitely not one you want to cross, which makes toeing that rebellious line a tricky task. 

Interested in learning even more? You can check out even more about the game right here.  


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