Valve Will Add More Server Capacity to Counter-Strike 2 Following Massive Launch

The game's massive launch has led to matchmaking issues

Counter-Strike 2

The launch of Counter-Strike 2 has led to some server issues and therefore it is no surprise that Valve has become aware of the game’s popularity. According to the company, the game will gradually receive additions to its server capacity across all regions to solve the population issues and let all the eager players join the game easier.

The following statement was made over on X (formally known as Twitter) by Valve on the official Counter-Strike 2 account. The statement notes that the reason behind players having trouble finding matches is due to hitting server capacity in several regions.

Counter-Strike 2 certainly has become one of the most popular games despite having a tumultuous launch. No matter how big the developer behind the game is, sometimes, scheduled downtimes for maintenance cannot be avoided as well as the occasional unforeseen hazards. Be sure to check out our guide on whether CS2 is down to assess the current state of the servers.

Still, it’s at least reassuring that Valve is putting effort into fixing this issue. Some players might have some flashbacks to how massive the launch of Payday 3 was. Hopefully, the launch of Counter-Strike 2 isn’t going to cause any major issues over the course of the coming days.

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