Today Valorant celebrates its one-year anniversary. Released officially on June 2, 2020 Riot has finally unveiled some news about the competitive shooter’s PC stats, as well as a glimpse into the future of the franchise.

Valorant Celebrates One Year Anniversary By Announcing Valorant Mobile & PC Player Count

Valorant has an average player count of more than 14 million players a month logging into the game. Those are impressive numbers, even by free-to-play standards. 

In a press release, Riot has announced plans for Valorant to come to mobile devices. You can read the statement below.

“Over the game’s first year, VALORANT players competed in over half a billion games of the team-based shooter. With enthusiasm for VALORANT only continuing to grow, Riot now is preparing to expand the franchise -  starting with VALORANT Mobile - in order to bring VALORANT to more players around the world.”

No more information on the title has been given, but it’s clear that Riot is trying to bring Valorant to even more players on a global scale. This announcement comes hot off the heels of the Valorant Masters tournament that boasted over a million concurrent viewer count. Fans watched as Sentinels defeated FNATIC in a 3-0 series, bringing home the first-ever Valorant Trophy to North America.

We hope to learn more about Valorant mobile soon, and it’s clear this is only just the beginning for Valorant moving forward. We’re excited to see where Riot takes this game next.

In a release given to the press, Michael Aragon, Chief Content Officer at Twitch gave a statement about Valorant's first year on the service.

“A year ago VALORANT launched and found an immediate home on Twitch. Through live streaming, tournaments, and collaboration, the Twitch community embraced all that VALORANT has to offer, with excitement and enthusiasm. We love how our creators and viewers have continued to champion and celebrate the world of VALORANT, and are excited to see how the next year unfolds.”

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