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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Sails to the West in 2018

by Josh Hawkins

The next chapter in the Valkyria Chronicles story is on its way, and players who enjoy the strife, war, and drama that fills the continent of Europa can look forward to the newest entry in the series when it makes its way to the west on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

The newest entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series will make its way to the west in grand approach, and players who enjoy the riveting RPG strategy series have plenty to look forward to in the next mainline chapter of the series. The new chapter will take players to 1935 EC, as they experience a coming-of-age story in a time of war. Along the way they’ll get to experience the all-new BLiTZ battle system, which is a hybrid of over-the-head turn-based strategy, RPG combat, and 3rd person shooter.

Illustrious composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer of the original Valkyria Chronicles series will return to compose the music for the latest chapter of the series, which means fans of the original game have quite a bit to look forward to when it comes to the games official soundtrack. The hand-drawn illustrations that have made the Valkyria Chronicles series so popular will also return this time around, however, the systems have been overhauled to take advantage of new technology available in the current generation of consoles available on the market.

You can check out the trailer for the new chapter below, and we’d suggest going ahead and getting started on your backlog of Valkyria Chronicles titles, if you haven’t played through them yet.