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Valheim Surpasses Five Million Copies Sold

by Jesse Vitelli

It feels like every six months; there is a new Early Access game that blows up and becomes the new hit thing. Well, currently, that game is Valheim, which every week has another huge sales milestone. Today, studio Iron Gate announced that Valheim had surpassed five-million players.

Valheim Surpasses Five Million Copies Sold

The game has only been around for a few weeks at this point and is still in Early Access, but that hasn’t stopped players from picking it up and living their Viking fantasies. The game has been quite popular on Twitch due to its sandbox environment and goofy physics. 

Player’s getting killed by falling trees, giant trolls, or general sailing mishaps has provided entertainment for over 35 million hours of gameplay on Twitch, according to Iron Gate.

Iron Gate also shared some more statistics for Valheim in the post today. Currently, the game is the 39th best-reviewed game on Steam, which is a huge feat considering how many games get uploaded to Steam daily. 

Collectively more than 15,000 years of Valheim have been played across the entire player-base, which seems like a weird stat, but also a crazy number when you think about it. Iron Gate is just a five-person team, but that hasn’t stopped them from making one of the biggest video games of 2021. 

If you haven’t jumped into Valheim yet, now’s the time! There is plenty to explore both as a single-player experience or with up to ten friends. The Steam page for Valheim can be found here./p>

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