Temple Run 2 is one of those mobile games that never gets old.  We could spend all day beating records while avoiding obstacles. Now we get to do it faster than ever, thanks to Usain Bolt.

The six-time Olympic Gold Medalist, dubbed the "world's fastest man," has joined up with Imangi Studios to become a playable character in the game.  He's available now, for the low price of just under a dollar.

"I am a big fan of Temple Run.  I travel all over the world and travel time gives me lots of opportunity to play Temple Run at airports or on car journeys," said Bolt.  "It's exciting to see myself represented within a game I already play."

Bolt wears his traditional yellow and green outfit and provides his own special abilities in the game, including "boosting ahead at a record-breaking pace while activating the coin magnet at the same time."

You can check out Temple Run 2 on iOS and Android.