Update for Smash Bros. Ultimate Removes Steve’s Meat

How could they do this to Steve’s meat?

The recently released 9.01 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fixes a number of bugs and issues, including one that’s hard to talk about in a way that makes sense. You see, Minecraft Steve’s “meat” that everyone’s talking about isn’t actually Steve’s meat.

With so many jokes implying that it is Steve’s actual meat, not just regular meat, Nintendo decided to update his victory screen, leaving him meatless.

Update for Smash Bros. Ultimate Removes Steve’s Meat

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After Minecraft Steve was added to Smash, people quickly noticed that his victory screen looked a little NSFW. The animation starts out innocent enough with Steve eating a quick snack. Harmless, right? Well, on the final frame of the animation as it freezes into place, the way Steve’s holding his snack makes it look like he took his meat out. 

He doesn’t actually have his meat whipped out for the world to see, it’s still the same snack that he was holding earlier, but let’s say you looked away and missed the snack detail entirely. Looking at the final screen on its own, it does look a tad inappropriate. 

Even though it’s harmless and only NSFW to people who see it that way, Nintendo must have heard too many of these jokes for comfort as they took action and removed Steve’s meat. The updated animation still shows Steve eating his snack like normal. However, the ending is different now where the snack is gone rather than held in his hand and up against his nether regions.

It’s tragic that Steve has been left meatless, a mere shell of his meaty self. RIP to Steve’s meat. Of course, we also understand that Nintendo wants to keep things family friendly when it comes to a character that kids are familiar with, like Minecraft Steve. 

The proud, powerful meat stance isn’t exactly canon in Minecraft. We never get to see Steve’s forbidden diamond sword in the game which is probably for the best because it’d be extremely distracting to see it out in the open while mining or fighting creepers. 

Jokes aside, the 9.01 update did more than censor Steve’s meat – a fix that’s not included in the patch notes, though we imagine it’d be hard to talk about in a professional manner.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft Steve, or are simply curious about the new changes, we’ve listed some of the things the 9.01 update fixes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate below. 

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the opposing fighter destroyed the block.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the anvil created with a down air attack struck the opposing fighter.
  • Fixed the issue where the opposing fighter would become uncontrollable when Steve/Alex hit them with a minecart in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where if Steve/Alex’s minecart bounced off the wall, it would not hit the opposing fighter.
  • Fixed the issue where opposing fighters carried in Steve/Alex’s minecart would sometimes be warped to the original location where they were picked up.
  • Fixed the issue where certain fighters could go through Steve/Alex’s block once KO’d.

It’s nice to see some of these fixes in the 9.01 update including issues that compromise the other opposing fighter when facing off against Minecraft Steve. One could say they “nerfed” Minecraft Steve here by removing exploits and, you know, his meat, but the bugs that were fixed were never intended to be present in the game in the first place. That goes for Steve’s meat as well.

The whole “Steve’s meat” discussion is a fun thing to joke about and a nice little distraction from current events, so it’s definitely sad seeing the animation updated. However, we do understand where Nintendo is coming from, and we’re sure we’ll find a new distraction to make jokes about in the near future. 

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