Upcoming Genshin Impact 5-Star Character Furina Could Have Two Forms

Fontaine's Beloved Theatre Sweetheart Will Soon Be Ours

Furina from Genshin Impact
Screenshot from Genshin Impact's YouTube Overture Teaser: The Final Feast

One of Genshin Impact’s most tightly kept secrets when it comes to character reveals is anything that is related to the archons. So while it was incredibly easy to see information about Neuvillette’s and Wriothesley’s kits before they came out, there has been next to nothing about Furina herself. Furina, the Archon of Fontaine is one of the most elusive characters coming out in Genshin Impact but now, there was finally a slip in the beta tests.


Genshin Impact has already confirmed via Twitter (or X, as it is commonly seen now) that Furina will be on the banner for 4.2 along with a new Four-Star character, Charlotte. But the game has been taking some creative liberties when expressing Fontaine culture’s dualities. In the late phases of 4.0, Genshin Impact released another version of the drip marketing for characters Lyney, Lynette, and Freminent. This was due to them being part of the Harbingers, as revealed in the story. 

Since Furina is the archon and there have already been theories eluding to her different characters and wearing a front when appearing in front of her people, we likely haven’t seen the last of her drip marketing art. We will likely see another version of it later with clear differences that people have been noticing in relation to leaks.


Beta tests have revealed some key aspects of Furina herself in combat and displaying her skills. It is speculated that Furina will have two versions that players can walk around as one being with her darker navy uniform with short hair and another with her white uniform and long Colgate hair. 

Furina has already been rumored to summon creatures to her side where her dark form will summon three creatures that float around the player and in her light form, she will summon a stationary creature. Since she has been known to adopt many Sub-DPS, Healer, Support, and more labels, we will likely see one dealing damage and the other providing healing. Her Ultimate involves opening a book of sorts and revealing a pop-up stage of characters but as to what that does, it isn’t yet certain. 

Aside from the drip marketing, a lot of this information has not been confirmed or endorsed for release by Genshin Impact or HoYoverse. So the final product may differ from what is shown online and what is detailed here. 

However, it will be all the more exciting to learn that much more about this mysterious Archon and the prophecy around her. As always, the Archons typically do very well in battle, for HoYoverse’s business, and in popularity as well. And Furina, even through rumors, is already proving to be quite the fascinating character to debut on Genshin Impact.

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