Untitled Goose Game Hard Copy and Vinyl Soundtrack Coming This September

Ready to HONK every obstacle in your path away? Why yeet, when you can HONK.

Why YEET when you can HONK instead? Untitled Goose Game is getting a physical version of the hit indie game in addition to a vinyl experience that fans pretty much need in their lives ASAP. In a collaboration with iam8bit and both Panic Inc and House House, the boxed edition for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions of the game are on the way for this September in addition to the sweet vinyl LP set as well! 

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“We love physical games and vinyl. They’re not just cherished collectibles, but also cultural and archival artifacts,” said Amanda White and Jon Gibson, co-owners and co-creative directors of iam8bit. “We also recognize that we only have one planet, and over the last year, we’ve been diligent in developing better, eco-focused packaging and production techniques. Think of this as the ‘Alpha’ version of our ‘better for the planet’ packaging. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so we really wanted to start the conversation as a first step toward the goal of 100% eco-friendly packaging for physical games.”

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  • The standard boxed edition of Untitled Goose Game includes: 

    • The game cartridge/disc for either Switch or PlayStation 4

    • A Spring/Summer edition of the Plaza Catalogue: a 24-page retail catalog featuring useful items and objects that a goose might enjoy collecting

    • A 11″ x 17″ Village Map Poster, hand-illustrated by Melbourne-based artist and game developer, Marigold Bartlett

    • An extra sticky official “No Goose” Sticker

  • The iam8bit exclusive “Lovely Edition” of Untitled Goose Game includes:

    • Nintendo Switch

      • A 100% recyclable Outer Sheet, Booklet, and Foldout Poster

      • Exclusive Reversible Coversheet

      • Sugar-Based, Non-Toxic, No-Vinyl Sticker Pack-in

      • Eco-friendly “Biolefin” shrink wrap

    • PlayStation 4

      • An innovative eco-friendly outer packaging made of 100% post-consumer material using Non-Toxic, 0% VOC inks

      • A 100% recyclable Booklet, and Foldout Poster

      • Sugar-Based, Non-Toxic, No-Vinyl Sticker Pack-in

      • Eco-friendly “Biolefin” shrink wrap

  • The Untitled Goose Game vinyl soundtrack includes:

    • Music by Dan Golding, adapted from Claude Debussy’s Préludes

    • Unique “Double Groove” pressing, creating a random playback experience each time you listen, mimicking the dynamic, reactive nature of the in-game soundtrack

    • Pressed on reclaimed vinyl (literally, grinding up old vinyl and melting it into new discs)

    • 100% recycled jacket

    • Eco-friendly shrink wrap called “Biolefin”

Untitled Goose Game was a huge hit the second this indie adventure launched. Who knew that so many wanted to play a passive-aggressive (sometimes more leaning on the aggressive side) goose hellbent on causing mayhem and destruction with a penchant for throwing gardening tools into nearby water sources? Apparently this studio did and that gamble more than paid off. 

The physical versions of Untitled Goose Game arrive alongside the vinyl soundtrack on September 29th. Are you excited? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, and don’t forget to get your pre-orders in right here!

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