Until Dawn Chapter 5: 6 Hours Until Dawn

Quick reflexes are key to saving characters from a sudden demise.

With six hours until dawn, Chapter 5 resumes in Mike’s perspective. Start by walking forward toward a stone fountain in the yard. Head to the left of the fountain toward the main gate, and locate a Fortune Totem at its base. Now, turn back and make your way toward the main building, and take note of the ‘Condemned’ sign to the left of the front door. You may be able to enter using the front door, but we chose to explore and found an entrance to the left.

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Take a few moments to explore the dank basement area, and then head through a door in a wall made of chain link fence. Locate a barrel to the left, and push it forward toward the catwalk, allowing Mike to jump up. Carefully make your way along the catwalk, and climb up through a hole in the flooring above. This is the area that the front door would have led to, but there’s no telling whether entering via the front door would have had unforeseen consequences.

Instead of entering the lobby, turn to the right towards the front door. Locate some Administration Notes on a desk nearby, giving you some insight into these mysterious events. Now turn back and walk through the main lobby area and you’ll see a Chapel sign straight ahead, leading to some curved double doors. Since the door is locked, you can’t go through just yet, but you can still take a peek inside.

Backtrack through the lobby where you came from, and head through a doorway labeled ‘Admin’, noting the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium sign on the right. Through the Admin door, hang a left to discover a small safe on the floor. Wedge open the safe to find a clue in the form of Clocking-in Cards, then continue exploring the room to discover the Broken Camera clue on top of a filing cabinet.

Go through the door with the ‘Morgue’ sign, but don’t go down the left hallway just yet. First, walk straight and enter a room on Mike’s right to locate an Old Newspaper clue on the desk. Now you can leave the room and follow the Morgue signs down the hallway. Check the first room on the right to find some Medical Notes on the desk, revealing yet another interesting tidbit about this mysterious place.

Continue along the hallway and follow the stairs down to the lower floor. Approach the door on the right, and examine a table where a bird was previously sitting. Snag that nasty machete, because you’re going to need it. Make your way through the room, heading left and then right. Pass through a door on the right with the wheelchair beside it, avoiding the grumbling wolf you may hear nearby. Look for a small Telegram About Miners clue on the table. Now, back out of that room and go through the dimly lit hallway, which has a fake skeleton hanging in the corner.

Continue down the corridor and enter the Operating Room. Here, we would advise you not to interact with the hand on the table, avoiding it if at all possible. However, in the event that interacting with this hand is unavoidable, be sure to choose to Amputate Fingers rather than Open Bear Trap. The latter will apparently ruin your machete, which you will likely need later on.

There are several clues to discover in the next room. Examine a Strange Skull clue sitting on a shelf to the right. Then, head left to investigate the series of drawers lining the back wall. Collect the items from each of the drawers, including a Death Certificate, a Name Tag, and a Chapel Security Pass, which you will need to open the other door in the room.

Use the pass you just discovered to open the door near the corner. Head up the staircase, triggering a cutscene. Afterward, drop down to the first floor. You’ll be back in the lobby area where you started earlier, but now you are able to open the Chapel doors with your newly acquired pass. Hope it was worth losing those couple fingers!

A wolf suddenly confronts you as you open the Chapel door. This situation should seem familiar if you recall the Guidance Totem from an earlier chapter. The Totem seemed to advise not to attack the wolf, so just let the action timer expire.

Walk to the right side of the room to snag a jacket, and then find a way to grab the revolver on the desk just beyond the cage. Make your way over to the next caged area to examine the Clippings Wall clue. Now move toward the center of the room and head up the small set of steps. There’s a trunk on the ground containing several bones. Take a bone and give it to the wolf by the door to keep him fat and happy.

Head to the right of the trunk and locate a chainlink door labeled with an ‘Exit’ sign. Use the revolver to shoot off the lock and open the door. There is not really anything to find in the hallway or the next room, so just make your way down the large staircase. Move along the passage to another locked door, and follow the screen prompts until the end of the scene, concluding your session with Mike for now. He may be short a few fingers, but at least he’s alive!

The scene now shifts to Matt and Emily. As Matt, head towards the door of the cable car station and take the Axe that is conveniently stuck in the door. Choose to either Help Emily Through or Smash Door. We chose to help Emily, but she refused, causing you to smash the door anyway.

Go inside the control room, where you can check out the map on the wall, as well as a bit of friendly graffiti. After realizing the keys to the control panel are missing, a brief dialogue with Emily occurs. We chose to Disagree rather than Agree, triggering a Butterfly Effect. Our actions lead to a misstep later on, but this option still offers a chance for survival, so feel free to follow along with this choice for now.

Exit the control room and help Em with the ladder. As you follow Emily, stay alert for an important quick time event. Upon your success with the QTE, continue to scoot along the ledge until you reach a staircase around the corner. Head up the stairs, and locate a Guidance Totem on the ground to your left. Keep this scene in mind as you continue further up the path, where you will find a Fortune Totem just after walking across the wooden ledge. Things start to get strange as the couple reach the snowy clifftop, and our time with Emily and Matt concludes for now.

The scene transitions over to Sam, who has spent the last couple hours relaxing in the bath, which we all know is a great place to be during a horror game. Our time with Sam resulted in a positive outcome, so feel free to follow along with our guide to ensure the same results for you.

Guide Sam to the Cinema Room by following the arrows on the balloons. Keep an eye out for any clues as you navigate through the house, and prepare for the impending chaos ahead. Your first decision will be to either Throw Vase or Run. We chose to throw the vase to slow down this nutcase. Once in the bedroom, we chose to Jump rather than Hide, because we’ve seen enough horror movies to know that victims tend to not stay hidden for long in these situations.

Prepare for a QTE as you scamper down the stairs, and then choose to Run again instead of Hide. This leads Sam to a door without a handle. Choose to Pull the shelf rather than Force the door, giving you the means to open the door. Using the screen prompts, quickly lock the door behind you, closing the shutter on the masked maniac.

Break through the door to a graceful landing. Quickly make your way down the long corridor, and this time choose to Hide instead of Run. Prepare for a couple QTE’s, including turning off your flashlight and staying still. If you followed our series of choices, Sam will have evaded the psychopath for now. The chapter concludes back in Dr. Hill’s office, as usual.

Continue on to Chapter 6: 5 Hours Until Dawn, or head back to our Until Dawn hub to find more useful tips and other sections of our free wallkthrough and guide!

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