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Unbeatable Hits Kickstarter Goal After Just 15 Hours

by Morgan Shaver

A mere 15 hours after Unbeatable rocked its way to Kickstarter the game hit 100% funding. The original goal was $55,000, with current numbers sitting at $70,000+ from 1,200+ backers (and growing).

There’s 30 days left on the Kickstarter and stretch goals are reportedly on their way, so if you haven’t backed the project yet we highly recommend hopping over to Kickstarter and checking out the different support tiers available.

Unbeatable Hits Kickstarter Goal After Just 15 Hours

Back in March, we wrote about a game called Unbeatable and its upcoming Kickstarter campaign which was set to begin on April 6. Keeping an eye on the Kickstarter, we saw the launch take place yesterday, April 6.

Not only has it done well, but it’s done so well that it hit its Kickstarter goal of $55,000 after just 15 hours. 

Which is absolutely incredible!

The Kickstarter has 30 days left, giving you plenty of time to show your support for the game if you haven’t done so already. Games aren’t cheap or easy to make, so even though it hit its $55,000 Kickstarter goal, any additional funding that gamers provide will be a huge help to the developers. 

To back Unbeatable on Kickstarter, click here

For those unfamiliar with Unbeatable, it’s a rhythm-adventure game set in a world where music is illegal. The game features a striking anime-style aesthetic with combat accompanied by some incredibly catchy music from Peak Divide. 

Below, we’ve included the description for Unbeatable provided on the game’s Kickstarter page:

“It’s a narratively-hyperfocused dense exploration game where two-button rhythm combat powers more or less everything. One half is this: you explore the game world, meeting terrible people and building a setlist for your upcoming concerts. Helping strangers, practicing with bandmates, sleeping in all day – it’s your funeral, you’ll only have so many days before each big event!

The other half is this: arcade-flawless rhythm gameplay powered by an entirely original soundtrack. It’s simple but frenetic – sure, there’s only two buttons, but there’s a lot of visual variety to the set piece-styled battles. Want to groove exclusively to the rhythm gameplay? We’ll have a ARCADE MODE available for you to play from the start!”

If you want to get an even better idea as to what Unbeatable is all about, D-Cell Games will have an Unbeatable [white label] episodic side-story demo available for you to try out on Steam.

According to the Kickstarter, the team plans to launch with SIDE A Track 1 which features six songs in the game and offers a chance to learn more about the vibrant world of Unbeatable. 

Adding to this, the [white label] demo will receive weekly updates until May 7. To keep track of the [white label] demo for Unbeatable, head over to the Steam page. While you’re there, be sure to add it to your wishlist as well! 

Again, we want to congratulate D-Cell Games on their successful Kickstarter launch, with the game hitting 100% of its funding goal in 15 hours. We hope gamers continue to head over to the Kickstarter to show their support, and we can’t wait to see more from Unbeatable in the future. 

Seriously, the game looks amazing and judging by the response to the game’s Kickstarter, we’re not alone in our love for Unbeatable!

For more on Unbeatable, be sure to visit the game’s official website, and follow D-Cell Games on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also join their Discord, view broadcasts on Twitch, and videos on their YouTube channel.

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