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Unbeatable is Coming to Kickstarter on April 6

by Morgan Shaver

D-CELL GAMES shared a series of exciting announcements today regarding their upcoming game, Unbeatable. Not only is the game getting a Kickstarter campaign on April 6, but a full trailer for the game and the [white label] demo will also be available on that very same day, April 6!

Unbeatable is Coming to Kickstarter on April 6 

Unbeatable from D-CELL GAMES is a rhythm-adventure game set in a world where music is illegal… but that’s not going to stop you from battling to the beat!

If you’ve never heard of Unbeatable before, the game offers a little something for everyone whether you want to dive into a game with a gorgeous aesthetic featuring anime-inspired combat, or you’re a fan of music and want to enjoy everything the soundtrack (courtesy of Peak Divide) has to offer.

In Unbeatable, you’ll be able to explore and converse with an array of interesting people and engage in exciting battles timed to the beat of the music in either story mode or arcade mode. The press kit notes that there will be accessibility options available, so even if rhythm games aren’t your thing, you’ll still be able to enjoy Unbeatable.

“A suite of accessibility options to allow anybody, even those intimidated by rhythm games, to enjoy our heartfelt, multi-chapter narrative.” 

Descriptions aside, sometimes trying a game out for yourself can be the best way to determine whether it’s something you’ll enjoy or not. On that front, D-CELL GAMES has you covered with their [white label] demo – an exclusive side-story set in the world of Unbeatable – coming on April 6.

On that same day, April 6, a Kickstarter campaign for Unbeatable will go live, allowing you to back and support the project and its creators. A full trailer for Unbeatable also drops on April 6, and D-CELL GAMES has even more to come with weekly updates from April 6 until May 7.

“UNBEATABLE comes to Kickstarter on April 6th, 2021, launching alongside a special demo titled UNBEATABLE [white label], which will receive weekly updates from April 6th-May 7th. These updates will advance an episodic narrative made to complement the final game, as well as provide new levels and bug fixes throughout the Kickstarter campaign.”

Based on what we’ve seen of Unbeatable so far, we’re hooked, and we can’t wait to dig into the [white label] demo on Steam starting April 6. We’re also looking forward to catching the full trailer for Unbeatable, and seeing how we can further help support the game once its Kickstarter campaign goes live, all on April 6.

If you’re as captivated by Unbeatable as we are, we recommend wishlisting the [white label] demo for Unbeatable on Steam, check out the Kickstarter (you can request to be notified once the campaign goes live), view the official website for additional information, and follow D-CELL GAMES on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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