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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Schedules a Beatdown For June

by Prima Games Staff

Next summer was clearly made for fighting, as far as Capcom is concerned.

The publisher has announced that it will release Ultra Street Fighter 4 this coming June for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Windows PC a little later in August. The game will feature several new fighters joining the franchise, as well as various tweaks and franchises to make the brawls smoother than ever before.

The game will be sold both as a retail edition for $39.99, or a digital upgrade who own a copy of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition for $14.99. The PC version, meanwhile, will go for $29.99, due to its slight delay.

“Apologies to our PC fans, as we did want to release simultaneously, but this was the only way we could ensure that Ultra Street Fighter 4 would be included in the largest fighting game tournament in the world,” said Capcom’s Peter “Combofiend” Rosas.

We’ll have coverage on the new fighters in the months ahead.

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