Activision Leeds, a new child studio setup in the UK by big daddy Activision, has taken on the role of fostering the upcoming Call of Duty handheld titles.

Activision Leeds will be in charge of “all handheld versions, iOS versions of Call of Duty," which we reckon means upcoming 3DS and PlayStation Vita games too.

The studio will be using libraries created by Treyarch and Infinity Ward for other CoD titles, so there'll probably be a few familiar sights, UK industry expert Andy Payne explained to Videogamer.

"Activision are a machine," said Payne. "They're very good, and you know what, what people don't realise with Activision is, the two studios working on the Call of Duty franchise are collaborative studios. That's unheard of. All the assets are reusable, so they're not wasting time.

"The two studios are saying, 'I need a tank, pull it off from the library'. And those assets are also going to be starting to be used by the mobile team, which is going to be based in Leeds."

The Activision Leeds studio has staff members that were heavily involved in some pretty respectable titles. On board is Martyn Brown, co-founder of Team 17, creator of the Worms franchise, and various members of the Rockstar Leeds team, which worked on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars.

We’ve had no confirmation on whether Activision Leeds is working on the Vita game Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.

It seems there are now more studios working on Call of Duty titles than there are Rambo films, maybe. As well as Activision there’s Treyarch, Neversoft, Raven Software and Infinity Ward to name a few.