Though it looked like the Ultimate Fighting Championship league and the troubled publisher THQ had a good relationship, it wasn’t enough to stop the team from transferring over to EA Sports last week in a shocking announcement.  Turns out that THQ agreed to the sale to not only help themselves financially, but also shake what appeared to be a money-losing investment.

It turns out that UFC Undisputed 3, the latest game in the series that was met with rave reviews and decent sales last February, didn’t clear the necessary two million copies needed to make the game profitable.  A financial report indicated that as a result, the company didn’t “break even” adding to its money woes.

What’s more, THQ was still dedicated to the brand, and actually had a new UFC project in the works over at THQ San Diego, which had worked on WWE All Stars last year.  However, following the announcement, the project was cancelled, and the studio, not surprisingly, closed down.  We wish Sal DaVita and his team the best of luck in landing new jobs. 

Look for more information on EA Sports’ new UFC endeavor next year at E3 2013.