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Brutal Pride Rules
A new addition to the game, Pride rules certainly add a dimension of brutality to the fight. Lay the beatdown with foot stomps, knees to the head on the ground, and soccer kicks. Check the action list to find out what position is required to execute soccer kicks (typically the sprawl on a rocked opponent), but the other strikes are simply your kicks to a downed opponent, depending on where you are positioned. Remember, talk a little trash between knee strikes to the head.

Playing as the Well-Rounded Paulo Thaigo

Selecting Paulo Thiago when you square off with any human opponent won’t put anyone on guard, but perhaps they should be. What I liked about playing as Paulo was locking in his crazy chokes after some vicious ground and pound (the anaconda and D’arce), but my favorite was the Peruvian necktie in the sprawl. He’s good from all phases of an MMA match too--even from his guard. It can be pretty rare to rock an opponent from the bottom, but striking some level 2 elbows from the bottom with Thiago can do the trick to an unwitting foe. From standing, clinch and use his level 3 uppercut to do serious damage. All in all, Paulo was certainly one of my choice fighters when the officemate challenges came. “Sure, you can be Anderson Silva or Jon Jones...”

Flying Armbar to Triangle Choke

You’ll feel like the star of a Hollywood movie when you launch into this move from the clinch. Though it may be a dangerous gamble in the real-life octagon, the Flying Armbar is for sure a sick move to pull off here. Clinch up as Demian Maia and go for the surprise submission to catch an armbar from the bottom with the option to switch to a triangle. Yet another way to tap out an opponent in mere seconds.

Playing as “The Prodigy” BJ Penn

Speaking of a ridiculous ground game, BJ Penn is a must-play in this game. Sure, one can expect Penn to be a go-to fighter in the game, but at risk of sounding a bit like Captain Obvious: BJ Penn is very, very good. Our favorite move of his was when he uses his incredible flexibility to execute his unique level 3 “arm-trap” rear naked choke that he attempted in his 2009 submission of Kenny Florian, earning him Submission of the Night honors in UFC 101. Grab this one from back side control, and even if your opponent manages to stave off the attempt, he’ll end up in your guard and ripe for a triangle choke. But, along with his cool submission arsenal (gogoplatas from the top and bottom and direct catches to triangles) Penn is arguably the strongest fighter with ground grappling overall. His action list is rife with leveled-up sweeps and he uses the rubber and butterfly guards to easily catch submissions. Sweep to the mount, strike from the top, then sink in a gogoplata for a decisive win.

Going the Distance with Kendall Grove

Some of the most tormenting fun I had in the ring was backing away from overly aggressive opponents and launching counter front kicks with Kendall Grove. Grove is another sneaky good fighter in the game, with absolutely wicked Muay Thai and submissions from nearly every angle. I stayed a good distance from my opponents and used Grove’s height and strong kicking game to full advantage--his best are those super-fast front kicks stepping away from his opponents. When close, take hold of the opponent with the Muay Thai clinch and use the strong whip set up devastating knees. Their only defense is to take you down, so transition to rubber guard and catch an omoplata or triangle for the submission victory.

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