Within my hours of immersion in the UFC Undisputed 3 octagon (and Pride ring), there were moments where I stopped, smiled, and blurted out “awesome!” Admittedly, not all of these came when playing as the most recognizable UFC fighters and took some digging through the fighters’ action lists. What is very exciting about the roster of 150, is the fact that many of the lower-rated fighters (attribute-wise) have some exciting capabilities and technique skill sets. Sure, some of these in-ring moves will prove to be very challenging to pull off on the harder difficulty levels, so it may be worth it to play on an easier difficulty to make them work. Practice them though, because logging the TKO against your roommate by breaking his fighter’s leg with a flurry of kicks will most definitely give you bragging rights. Below, in no particular order, we share with you our 10 fanboy favorite skills, fighters, and octagon challenges.

Beating Anyone with Bob Sapp

Invariably you will have a visiting friend who demands to meet you in the octagon and has no experience. This is the ideal time to select Bob “The Beast” Sapp as your fighter. He is by far the lowest-rated fighter in the game and is one-dimensional to boot, with his only saving grace being his ability to ground and pound with his size and strength. He has a suspect chin and is not very good in a grappling. Swing for the fences.

Firing off Joe Lauzon’s Jumping Scissor Sweep (DLC)

J-Lau may not share the hip-hop derrière of his namesake, but he certainly has moves. On Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter he went to the semi-finals and he is known for his awesome submission game, so selecting him has your lightweight choice opens up some ridiculous options to tap out your opponent. Our favorite submission (possibly for the whole game!) is from standing, striking range. As your opponent swings away, use the technique modifier button (left bumper on Xbox 360 and L1 on PS3) and press the right analog stick to have Lauzon drop down into a scissor sweep and initiate a level 3 inside heel hook. From here, you’ve got two submission switch options in a level 3 kneebar to a level 2 toehold. This is a good way tap out your opponent in the first seconds of round one!

Sneaking in Rousimar Palhares’s Slide to Outside Heel Hook

Similar to Joe Lauzon’s submission attempt from range, this is another crafty way to slide in and grab hold of your opponent. Even if you miss the heel hook, you end up on your back, which is where Rousimar is awesome. If you are able to lock in the sub and start the mini-game, submission switch at least once to go from the level 2 heel hook to a level 3 ankle lock. There is a reason that Palhares is rocketing up the ranks in the fighter rankings.

Breaking the Leg

Playing a weaker opponent can end in two ways. You can finish it quick and go make a sandwich, or you can have some fun with them. Use the opportunity to earn the “Chopping ‘Em Down” achievement and destroy the opponent’s front leg with vicious kicks. Still set up the kicks as counter strikes with sways and try to catch your opponent as they begin a strike to maximize damage. It may take a bit of persistence, but you will drop your opponent for a TKO.

Tapping Out Your Opponent on His Feet with Ben Henderson

This may be the single most humiliating way to go down in the octagon, and Jamie Varner lost his lightweight belt to Ben Henderson with this very move. Clinch up and fire a level 3 standing guillotine choke from the Muay Thai clinch to make your opponent miserable. It’s weird that it works, but it does!

Stay tuned next Monday as we explore 5 more of our favorite gameplay moments. In the meantime, you can PRE-ORDER UFC UNDISPUTED 3 OFFICIAL GAME EGUIDE. Get to know all 150 of the most intense UFC fighters, including the all-new Featherweight and Bantamweight athletes and fight your way to the top!