Now, It’s Time to Finish
When it comes time to finish the match, there are also four ways to win, and one can flow to the other. Don't waste opportunities though--good fighters capitalize.

A key component of a successful standup attack it to set up your strikes with flicks of the left analog stick. This will make your fighter bob and weave. Follow up with powerful counters to rock your opponent. To do this, hit just as they are starting their attack, or immediately after, and you'll do more damage. When they are rocked, their strikes are largely ineffective, (if they can throw at all) so pour it on and try to finish it.

Ground and Pound
Most fighters get a skill and power boost when you posture up from the top position on the ground. Transition (minor) out of the clinch from the bottom opponent, hold up on the left stick and hold the technique modifier button (left shoulder) as you left and right strike your opponent. It won't be long until you rock them (take care to block transitions and strike catches). When your opponent is rocked, you'll move to an even more dominant position for the finish. Rely on your leveled up strikes to knock them out or have the referee step in.

Just like knockouts, submissions become easier to catch as the match wears on. That's not to say that you can't log a first round tapout, but the mini-game will be all the more difficult to win. If both fighters are fresh, your bar will begin on the opposite side of the mini-game octagon from your opponent's, which makes the chase a competitive one. Later in the match--especially if you rock your opponent--your bar might start by fully covering your opponent's.

Winning the Decision
After all of my trials in the octagon, it became almost easy to predict--to the point--who would win the decision. The scoring is a 10-point must system, so the winner of the round gets 10 points from each of the three judges and the loser of the round gets 9 points. Judges base their decision the damage you do and ring control. All that said, there were times in career mode where I felt like my fighter came out on the short end of a wrong decision. So, in the interest of true simulation, finish the fight and don't leave it in the hands of the judges. But, to ensure a decision victory, limit the number of times the opponent hits you through your use of sways and ducks. Well-timed counters should rock them with a few solid shots, and putting your opponent to the mat will score you big with the judges. As far as the ground game is concerned, takedowns and controlling the opponent from dominant positions on the ground at length (stay on top) is a sure way to take the round.

All in all, UFC Undisputed 3 was improved to make the entire flow of the match an exciting simulation of an actual match in the octagon.