Hey, you! Got an iPad or iPhone? You like free games? Sure, you do. Well, Ubisoft has a fresh little deal for you that might just be up your alley.


The company has announced that, through Saturday morning (give or take – it’s a 48 hour offer), two of its more popular iOS-based games will be available for free. That’s right, free of charge. You can download the entertaining racing game MotoHeroz, developed by the same lunatics behind the hit Trials Evolution (RedLynx), and the interactive app Rabbids Go HD from now until Saturday morning without paying a dime. That’s a small price to pay for a little fun.


What’s more, the company is also holding a sale for its strategy action game Babel Rising 3D. For the next couple of days, you can snag it for a mere $.99. It’s not free, but it’s damn close.


Head over to this iTunes link and start with some Rabbids. Then proceed from there.


iTunes store link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rabbids-go-hd/id468677195?mt=8