Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon isn't a game that should be taken too seriously.  The game delves into a campy 80's style setting with laser-shooting dinosaurs and features Michael Biehn, who isn't afraid to go off on a curse-laden tirade as main star Rex Colt.

Ubisoft recently posted an interview with Biehn, in pure 80's fashion, who hams it up as he explains he was merely on board the project "for the paycheck" and lets loose in a tirade of continuous cursing…mainly because the script calls for it.  It's hilarious to watch made funnier by the fact that all the curses are pretty much bleeped (though you get an idea of what Biehn is saying).

You can watch the madness here and get ready for Blood Dragon when it unleashes on PlayStation Network on April 30th and a day later on Xbox Live.

As Colt might say, "Yeah, mother***er!"