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Ubisoft Is Not Even Being Subtle With Their New Splinter Cell Game Teases Now

by Liana Ruppert

After numerous leaks and rumors, it looks like Ubisoft themselves is getting in on the rumor mill hype with a recent tease that seems to be heavily implying that a new Splinter Cell game is in the works. 

The latest tease comes by way of the Ubisoft Spain Twitter with a caption that translates to “You need to understand the darkness to face it…” Check it out for yourself below:

At this time, this Ubisoft account is the only one that a teaser has appeared on. With Splinter Cell being one of Ubisoft’s major franchises, this tease is a pretty huge deal, especially with the reaction following the recent Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launch. Could this be an actual tease or just another “joke?” We’re hoping for the former, because the evidence just keeps mounting. 

This comes following a retail leak earlier this year from GameStop, a retailer that has accidentally leaked info in the past about upcoming games,  made another whoopsie when they listed up a new set of Splinter Cell Goggles up on their site back in September. Though the description has since been altered, the original mentioned: “For the first time since the introduction of Splinter Cell in 2002, after nine top-selling AAA+ titles, and with the 10th release on the horizon, this is your first chance to own Sam Fisher’s signature Ultra High-Frequency Sonar Googles.” 

Now, the way it’s worded appears to be an indication that a 10th game is on the way – I mean, it literally says it right there in the description. That being said, there’s one bit of food for thought to consider before getting totally hyped. It’s possible the person that wrote it up didn’t realise another game isn’t on the way/has yet to be announced yet, or it could have just been a noob new-hire. We’ve all been there, it sucks, but what are you going to do? 

Between the tweet from Ubisoft Spain and quite a few leaks piling up, it looks like a new Splinter Cell game announcement could be on the horizon in the near future. 

Would you be excited to see a new Splinter Cell game, or do you think we’re reading too much into this tweet? Tell us your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames


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