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Ubisoft Explains Why Ghost Recon Breakpoint Deviated From the Cult Fanaticism That Wildlands Thrived On

by Liana Ruppert

For those that played Ghost Recon Wildlands, it was easy to see the almost religious fanaticism that was prevalent during that particular narrative with the bloody imagery and cult-like symbolism. Though Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a continuation of that story based upon the latest DLC for Wildlands, it’s very clear that Ubisoft veered away from the mystical and went all-in with the theme of tech surrounding Skell. 

We sat down with Green Beret Emil Daubon, who worked as a writer and military-technical advisor on Ghost Recon Breakpoint, to talk about the creative direction shift for the upcoming game and why it made such a drastic pivot from Wildlands’ Bolivia setting. 

“There was a lot of motivations for the direction that the narrative aspects took up,” Daubon tells us. “The largest or the most overarching factor was creating a fantasy that was expandable because there is tons of post-option content planned. We have a lot.

“We’re already working on a lot of the post-option content,” he adds. “There’s tons of stuff planned and really by creating a fictional world that revolved around the dangers of technology, but it allowed us freedom to expand that narrative in almost any direction you want to take it. And it takes some really interesting turns. The story itself evolves in one really, really interesting trajectory. And that’s ultimately the point, was freedom of choice for the player and expandability within the franchise to keep the story going.”

Makes sense! With a deeper reliance on relatability with the player in a more present environment, the highly technological aspect of the narrative design offers more freedom and more realism than the cultish focus that Bolivia seemed to offer in Wildlands. 

From what we got to experience with our hands-on with the game, Breakpoint will offer an experience that Tom Clancy fans will treasure in an ongoing story that will continue to update long past launch. As for the game itself, Ghost Recon Breakpoint arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 4th. 

Liana Ruppert

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