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Ubisoft Brings Back 90’s Favorite Flashback In a Huge Way

by Prima Games Staff

If you didn’t grow up with gaming in the 90’s, you truly missed out on some awesome stuff.  Among the great games we played was Delphine Software’s Flashback, an Out of This World-like space adventure with puzzles to solve and plenty of stylish combat.  Now Ubisoft is giving you a second chance to experience it, this time in high definition.

The company has announced that Flashback is inbound for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this year.  Ubi is working closely with members of the original Delphine team (now known as VectorCell) to get the “feel” of the classic game back in this one, along with spiffy new level designs that retain a Shadow Complex-like quality to them.

A trailer has made its way onto the web and you can watch it for yourself to get more details on the story, as well as see how the in-game action is set up.  It’s looking very good at the moment, though more details are sure to come at E3.

Look for a first look soon!  Or maybe we should call it a “flashback”?