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Ubisoft Black Friday Deals Now Live, Up to 90% Off

by Liana Ruppert

Black Friday officially kicks off next week, which means there is going to be a ton of Black Friday sales to enjoy in a bid to save some serious cash for the holiday season. We’ve shared Walmart, Target, Best Buy and so many others, now it’s Ubisoft’s time in the spotlight with up to 90% off of their exciting wares. 

From collectibles to games, Ubisoft has a few deals that are just too good to ignore and they’re all available from now until December 2nd. 

Ubisoft Black Friday sale 

As usual, the Rainbow Six Siege game is seeing a massive slash in price, bumping it down to a whopping 8 bucks. The Division 2 is also on sale for $21, with a few Assassin’s Creed deals as well: 

The newly released Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also on sale for $29.99, with other favorites like Far Cry 4, Watchdogs 2: Gold Edition, and Rayman Origins also on sale. The Division 2 Ultimate Edition is also on sale for $36, which is a drastic reduction given that retail value is $120. 

Apparel and collectibles are also included, offering pants, jackets, hoodies, statues, figures, and even jewelry for fans to rep their favorite franchises in style. There is so much more to enjoy, and you can find out if what you’re itching for is on sale with the official Ubisoft Store right here. Happy deal hunting! 

Liana Ruppert

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