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Ubisoft Announces Spartacus Legends For 2013 Release

by Prima Games Staff


Starz’ Spartacus series has really picked up in popularity with its second season, and just in time for the show’s presentation this week at Comic-Con, Ubisoft has hopped on board.  The game company announced today that it is producing Spartacus Legends, a new arena combat brawler that’s based on the show.

In the game, you’ll be able to play as characters from the show – as well as other poor souls at the end of your blade – while messing around with thousands of weapon combinations, as well as a skill system that will make you an overall better combatant.  The game will also feature online multiplayer, so you can gush blood out of your buddies and victoriously yell over their corpse.  (They’ll get over it when they kill you in the next match, we’re sure.)

Liam McIntyre has confirmed that his voice and likeness will be used in the game, and several actors are slated to join in the fun as well.

No platforms have been confirmed as of yet, but we’re guessing that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are being targeted for Spartacus’ release.  Look for a detailed preview soon.


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