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Ubisoft Announces ‘Bug Hunter Program’ To Catch Issues In Rainbow Six Siege

by Liana Ruppert

The team over at Ubisoft deployed their R6Fix program last year to help report buried issues found within Rainbow Six Siege in order to make the game even better. The studio has just revealed that so far the program was able to help solve over 7,000 bug reports and that community has been more helpful than ever before with overall online improvements. To further that success, Ubisoft has announced a new Big Hunter Program that is designed to take the game even further. 

This program runs through R6Fix but provides a few extra incentives for helping out. It’s really easy to be a part of as well, simply report any issues faced in the Test Server through here. Once the report is received, the Quality Assurance team will try to reproduce the problem and if they are able to reproduce it and provide a fix, your contribution will be credited and you’ll be eligible for a sweet reward! 

“Veteran players will remember one of our more ancient and harmless bugs, the raptor legs,” said the studio in a recent update. “We are bringing it back, but only in the shape of a Frost charm to be granted to all those players that reach the threshold of 3 acknowledged bugs.” You can see that cute and witty reward below: 

There will be even more rewards on the way, but for now – cute little raptor legs will do! The Bug Hunter Program is live now in the Test Server until further notice. Unfortunately, previous reports won’t count towards this new initiative, but everything from the 25th out will.

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