During the Sonic Central direct this morning a ton of Sonic news for the brand was announced. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the smaller announcements and collaborations. 

Two Point Hospital Sonic Collaboration Shows Sonic Fans Have Always Been Sick

The biggest of these small announcements is that Sonic characters are coming to Two Point Hospital. You can have them do a myriad of different jobs in the hospital, but the real revelation here is that Sonic fans are sick and in need of help. 

We also now know that Sonic The Fighters will be playable in the upcoming Sega game Lost Judgement. It’s not unusual to have Sega properties in the arcade around town, but it’s nice to see our boy Sonic get some love.

There is also an official Sonic costume that will be in the new Tokyo Olympics official licensed game. It’s a little jarring to see at first, but ultimately it looks like a good time and being able to outrun every track and field star as Sonic seems fitting.

A collection of Sonic 1,2,3 Sonic & Knuckle, and Sonic CD will be coming later this year. No more information on this collection was given outside of the name "Sonic Origins". 

Outside of game collaborations, Sonic Central also revealed a new line of 30th-anniversary merch, which you can see below. 

The giant Eggman Playset from Jakks Pacific

The King Ice Jewelry Collection

The Dark Horse Encyclopedia

The Apmex Coin Collection.

Of course, two 3D sonic games were also announced today. The remaster of Sonic Colors, called Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and a brand new Sonic game coming in 2022.

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