Nintendo’s Fils-Aime has announced there’ll be two versions of the forthcoming Legend of Zelda: Twilight; one for the GameCube and another for the Wii.

Fils-Aime said it was "by far the best Zelda game we've ever made”.

Movement is controlled by using the analog stick on the Wii’s nunchuck, with the d-pad on the wand used for items. The Z button is used for targeting, and a fairy is on-screen to let you know which way you’re pointing the wand.

Attacking requires a press of the B button, or a spin of the Wii controller to do a circular attack. A jab or a flick of the wand will cause Link to perform a shield attack, which can send enemies to the floor, allowing you to attack them while they’re down. Lovely.

With regards to the bow, aiming looks rather intuitive; point the wand at an enemy on the screen and you’ll get a crosshair, move it away from the enemy, and the baddie gets circled.

Drawing back the wand, much like a bow, will let you hear the sound of the string being pulled taut from the speaker on the controller. As you release the virtual arrow, you’ll hear the sound fly from the wand to your target.

The rest of Nintendo’s demo saw loads of battles, either with swords or bows. The controller can also be used like a fishing rod, which works exactly as you’d expect. Ah, Zelda fishing, good times.

The game’s visuals look like a fair improvement on the last release, but Nintendo have been keen not to try and let that get in the way of the storyline and gameplay, aspects they are keen to prioritize.