Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 5: Sea of Rust – Hustle

How to escape the tomb, survive the Boneyard and bring the Dark Spark to Kaon.

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Escape the tomb.

Objective: Activate the first beacon.

Follow the other Decepticons, then pull the lever at the waypoint. There are three more levers that need to be pulled, but now you have company. Use your ability to summon a turret to help you in combat. If the enemies tag you with a sticky grenade, switch to vehicle mode to remove it. Take out the enemies as you make your way to each waypoint and pull the remaining three levers. 

Objective: Move to Shockwave’s position.

Objective: Fight through the Boneyard.

Objective: Take down the Dropship. 

Head to the next waypoint, which is where Shockwave is positioned. Continue from waypoint to waypoint, taking out the enemies that appear. Once again, use your turret to help with the battle. When you reach the area with the Dropship just above, target the two bull’s-eyes to destroy the Dropship.

Objective: Escape the Boneyard.

Objective: Get the Dark Spark to Kaon.

Follow the other Decepticons up the ramp, then air dash across to the next platform and make your way around to the waypoint. Once you’re inside the structure, adjust your loadout at the terminal to the left, then follow the other Decepticons to the door. 

Once Shockwave opens the door, air dash across into the adjacent room to find an audio log, then drop down and follow the path around. Defeat the two Autobots that attack and continue toward the waypoint. 

In the next area, there are a number of Autobots that attack. Take them down one at a time and use your ability to help. If your health gets low, look in the alcoves throughout the area for health. Many open after you’ve passed them, so you may have to backtrack. Slowly push your way toward the next waypoint until Shockwave tells you to ignore the Autobots. At this point, stop fighting and head straight for the waypoint. 

Make your way through the structure and take down the Autobots on the other side. Push toward the waypoint instead of making sure every Autobot is down. Let Shockwave handle some of them and use your turret ability when it’s available. Dash toward the objective as much as you can while taking out Autobots when necessary, then engage Cliffjumper near the end of the area. 

Objective: Defeat Cliffjumper.

Shoot the ledges above to bring Cliffjumper down to the ground. Once he’s down, he will cloak. Watch for the distortion that indicates his position or simply wait for him to reappear. As soon as he’s visible, use your turret ability and keep a close eye on him as you unleash as much firepower as possible. If you pay close attention, you can follow Cliffjumper when he cloaks again. If you lose him, just wait for him to appear again and repeat the process.

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