Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 2: Ruins of Crystal City – The Lost Vault

How to beat Hardshell, Kickback and Sharpshot.

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Cross the pool to reach the entrance.

As Soundwave, you need to make it to the far side of the area and into the entrance of the Battery Complex. There are plenty of Insecticons between your current location and the waypoint ahead. Use your ability to help out as you head up the ramp and across the structure toward the waypoint. When you reach the far side more, Decepticons will help you. When you reach the entrance, you can change your loadout using the terminal to the right. 

Objective: Explore the Battery Complex.

Objective: Activate the switch. 

Defeat the remaining Insecticons, then head deeper into the complex. When you’re through the main door, more Insecticons attack. Take them out as you make your way across the room until your next objective appears to activate the switch. Head toward the new waypoint, grab the lever and pull it down.

Objective: Search for the leaders of the Insecticons.

Objective: Defeat Hardshell. 

In this first area, take out as many Insecticons as you can. As soon as the door ahead opens, head through it and toward the next waypoint to engage Hardshell. When Hardshell is in insect form, he scrambles your system, but doesn’t inflict much damage. When he’s in robot mode, he will shoot like normal, so be careful. Switch to vehicle mode and fly over to take him out with relative ease. Use the structures around the walkway to take cover from his attacks. 

Objective: Defeat Kickback. 

With Hardshell down, a slew of Insecticons attack alongside Kickback. Take down the Insecticons in your immediate area first, then locate Kickback. If he’s in robot form, switch to vehicle mode and use your missiles to inflict as much damage as possible. Ignore any other Insecticons that attack and focus on damaging Kickback in robot form; it’s much easier to attack Kickback when he’s in robot form. When he switches to insect form, switch to your robot form (make sure you’re over land) and attack from the ground. It’s much easier to target Kickback’s insect form when you’re on the ground as opposed to flying alongside him.

Objective: Defeat Sharpshot.

Defeat Kickback and Sharpshot attacks you. This is very similar to the battle against Kickback. When Sharpshot is in insect form, you should be in robot form to make it easier to attack him. As soon as he changes to robot form, switch to vehicle mode and rain missiles down upon him. He takes far more damage from your missiles, meaning it doesn’t take much to bring him down once he switches to robot mode. Ignore the other Insecticons if Sharpshot’s health is low. As soon as he goes down, a cut scene begins, stopping the attack of the other enemies. 

Objective: Proceed through the complex. 

As Soundwave, head down the path and to the door. When you reach the door, send Laserbeak to open it while you take down the Insecticons that attack. Head through the doorway and down to the next door. Send off Laserbeak once again as you fend off the Insecticons. Once you’re through the door, head down the hall and take out the Insecticons that attack. The next door opens on its own. 

Objective: Drain the vat to expose the Dark Vault’s entrance.

Objective: Use Rumble to reactivate part of the drainage subsystems. 

Drop down to the waypoint below and eject Rumble. After the camera pans, pick up Rumble. You need to move around to the four waypoints and eject Rumble at each one. Give Rumble a little time to do his thing, then when the light at the waypoint glows again, it’s time to pick up Rumble. Use Laserbeak to help keep the Insecticons off of you while you move from waypoint to waypoint and wait for Rumble to finish at each one. 

Objective: Enter the Vault of the Dark Spark

Head through the newly opened door and change up your loadout at the terminal to the left if need be. When Shockwave opens the next door, head through it to the door ahead and wait for Shockwave to open the next door. In the room ahead is a fallen Transformer. Pick up his weapon if you desire, then wait for Shockwave to open the next door. 

In the next room there are two guns mounted on the ceiling. You can take cover to the left of the doorway, but your best option here is to wait for the guns to briefly pause, then run into the room and move behind the guns. The turrets do not swivel to the rear, so you can attack freely from behind. 

Shockwave opens the next door to reveal two more guns. Follow the same strategy as before. Run into the room and get behind both guns, then take them out one at a time. The following room has four turrets, with the middle two able to turn around and shoot behind them, and the last two very close to the back door, making it difficult to get behind them. 

Dash past the first set and get to the rear turrets. Take out one as quickly as possible and then move directly behind the other to stop it from shooting. Take it down and wait for your shield to replenish, then move up to the two in the middle and take them out. You’ll have assistance from Shockwave and Starscream, but you’ll still do most of the work. 

If you have difficulty dashing to the end of the room, stay to the left of the first door and wait for the first set of turrets to pause, then blast them and move back behind the door. This method takes longer, but you won’t be at risk if you remain behind cover. 

Once the final four turrets are down, continue through the next two doors to reach the room with the Dark Spark.

Objective: Defeat the Crystal City Guardians.

The room ahead is filled with enemy Transformers and roving turrets. Your best bet is to summon Laserbeak and let him take out most of the enemies. You’ll need to summon him two or three times, and there’s a good chance Starscream will die. When he does, walk over and revive him. When it seems as though there are no more enemies, explore the area to make sure none are left. When Starscream and Shockwave start talking again, you’ve cleared the area. Approach the door to trigger a cut-scene and move on. 

As Shockwave, you need to make it to the end of the hallway. There are several enemies that attack along the way. Use the winding hallway as cover and take them out two at a time until you’ve made it all the way to the end. 

Objective: Harness the power of the console’s defences. [Note: This is how it’s spelled in the game.]

Objective: Enter the fourth cypher key into the console. 

There are four areas in this large room that are defended by up to four enemies. After the first one (doesn’t matter which one you choose), the enemies shoot off at least two automated drones as you approach. It is extremely important to take these drones down as quickly as possible. They hit significantly harder than the Transformers that use them. 

In addition, do not pull the levers at each area until you have cleared the entire room of enemies. This makes it easier to move around once you’re done. With all four levers pulled, head up to the far side of the middle platform, take out the four guards inside and approach the final panel to trigger another cut-scene.

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